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However, the speaker presentations were recorded and may be viewed by clicking on the links below.

Please feel free to forward this link to any of your co-workers and friends who were unable to attend this year's event.

Secure Delaware 2021

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We are pleased to announce Delaware's 12th Annual Cybersecurity Workshop will be held on October 28th as a hybrid event!

The conference will continue to provide superior Cybersecurity training for Delaware's citizens, business employees, students, and government employees.

Thank you for joining us!


Secure Delaware provides valuable Cybersecurity information and education. Take advantage of networking opportunities and access to information security industry Subject Matter Experts. Vendors will be available onsite to offer innovative Cybersecurity solutions and answer attendee questions.

Industry Professionals will present information in person and via the WebEvent platform. A variety of security topics will be available covering such topics as Phishing/Scamming in 2021, Cloud Solutions, Security O365 and Other Collaborative Tools, Cyber Insurance and more.

The workshop is brought to you by the Delaware Department of Technology and Information, Delaware League of Local Governments, Delaware Small Business Development Center, JP Morgan Chase, and the University of Delaware.


Workshop is open to anyone who lives, works, or studies in Delaware.


There is no cost to attend the training, but registration is required. Virtual Sessions open at 8:30 am.

Keynote Speakers & Biographies

CISA Evolution and Future Malware Mitigation

Solar Winds

Presenter: Dr. James B Fraley
Presentation: Solar Winds

Presentations and Speaker Biographies

Consolidating and Securing Branch Networks with the SD Branch

Presenter: John Boehmler
Presentation: Consolidating and Securing Branch Networks
Audience: IT Intermediate

Living with Technology – Keeping your Home Secure

Presenter: David Quartarolo
Presentation: Keeping your Home Secure
Audience: General

Vendor Supply Chain Attacks: Practical Guidance to Manage Legal and Business Risk

Presenter: William Denny
Presentation: Vendor Supply Chain Attacks
Audience: General

Threats from the Inside

Presenter: Duncan Bachen
Presentation: Threats from the Inside
Audience: General

Never Losing the Remote Again

Presenter: Mick Baccio
Presentation: Never Losing the Remote Again
Audience: IT Intermediate

Cloud Security

Presenter: Matt Chiodi
Presentation: Cloud Security
Audience: General

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment in the State and Local Government Community

Panel Discussion: Cybersecurity Hygiene: 7 Tips to keep your small business safe

Presenter: Arena, Blacksten, Swalm
Presentation: Cybersecurity Hygiene
Audience: General

Building an Adaptable Security Strategy

Presenter: Anthony Morrone & Marianne Swarter
Presentation: Building an Adaptable Security Strategy
Audience: IT Intermediate

You’ve been hacked! Now What?

Presenter: Andy Ziegler
Presentation: You’ve been hacked! Now What?
Audience: General

The Current State of the Cyber Liability Insurance Market

Presenter: David Reesor
Presentation: Introduction to Cyber Insurance
Audience: General

Top Scams and Phishing 2021: The Evolution of Social Engineering

Presenter: Jon Bell
Presentation: The Evolution of Social Engineering
Audience: General

Photos of the Event

To view photos of the 2021 event, view our flickr album.