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Cybersecurity Awareness

It’s Easy to Stay Safe Online

Cybersecurity awareness refers to how much you know about the Cybersecurity threats your networks face, the risks you introduce and mitigating security best practices to guide your behavior.

Welcome to Cybersecurity Awareness Month!

Delaware Governor John Carney provides tips on how to stay cyber safe.

What is Cybersecurity Awareness Month?

This month is globally recognized as a time to introduce individuals to their responsibility for keeping personal and business-related information secure through ideas such as:

  • General Cybersecurity awareness
  • How to be cyber smart to protect yourselves at home and work
  • Ways to detect scams
  • Recognizing phishing attempts
  • Options for cybersecurity careers
  • Putting cybersecurity first

Press Releases

  • - October Is Delaware Cybersecurity Awareness Month, September 2, 2022
  • - October Is Delaware Cybersecurity Awareness Month, September 2, 2022

How can I get more involved and attend cyber-related events?

Events occur throughout the year that are geared towards adults and children, especially during the Cybersecurity Awareness Month in October! Find more on the Digiknow Events page.

Delaware Cybersecurity Awareness Month

It's Easy to Stay Safe Online


Stealing identities and other data has become BIG business! Learn way to safeguard your identity while still using the Internet.


Our devices can become a threat to us when we are not safely securing the data that is housed on them.


It is important to gain the skills to differentiate legitimate activities from scams that seem to be real.

What if I have more questions not covered here?

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