Cyber Security in Delaware

Girls Go CyberStart Initiative 2018

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CyberStart is a fun and interactive series of challenges that offer the chance to explore exciting topics such as cryptography, penetration testing and digital forensics.

You should play the Girls Go CyberStart challenge if...

  • You like solving puzzles
  • You are curious about cybersecurity
  • You like winning cool prizes
  • You are interested in saving the world

When does Girls Go CyberStart begin/end?

Registration opens January 29 and closes February 16. Game play begins at 09:00am EST on February 20, and stops at 11:59pm EST on February 25.

Delaware Scoreboard:

Top 100 Overall: Final

  1. PHS Iliad: 117,700 points

    (Poolesville High, Maryland)

  2. (\\( o . o )/): 115,500 points

    (Montgomery Blair High, Maryland)

  3. bc-ayyy: 107,150 points

    (Bergen County Academies, New Jersey)

  4. artemist: 91,100 points

    (Montgomery Blair High, Maryland)

  5. Mad Cow Disease: 87,900 points

    (Montgomery Blair High, Maryland)

  6. The Cyber Sisters: 85,500 points

    (Padua Academy, Delaware)

  7. Pauliticians: 83,400 points

    (Montgomery Blair High, Maryland)

  8. Cup Of Java: 81,300 points

    (Independence High School, Texas)

  9. Coding Cougars: 79,600 points

    (Niwot High School, Colorado)

  10. Idalings: 75,900 points

    (Kalani High School, Hawaii)

  11. CyberGoats : 73,150 points

    (Bridgewater-Raritan High School, New Jersey)

  12. SecondQ: 73,000 points

    (Bergen County Academies, New Jersey)

  13. Team 3303: 73,000 points

    (Charter School of Wilmington, Delaware)

  14. Park Tudor Team 1: 72,550 points

    (Park Tudor School, Indiana)

  15. McGirls: 71,150 points

    (Communications High School, New Jersey)

  16. The Poley Bears: 68,400 points

    (East Chapel Hill High School, North Carolina)

  17. Throwing Exceptions (like a girl): 66,800 points

    (West Lafayette Junior-Senior High School, Indiana)

  18. Braves: 66,200 points

    (Absegami High School, New Jersey)

  19. Whoosh Force: 64,850 points

    (NorthWood High School, Indiana)

  20. Team Fred: 64,500 points

    (Padua Academy, Delaware)

  21. 24Cyberry24: 63,750 points

    (Des Moines Central Campus School, Iowa)

  22. The Potatoes: 62,300 points

    (Park Tudor School, Indiana)

  23. Cyber Pandas: 60,900 points

    (Padua Academy, Delaware)

  24. HAKS: 58,800 points

    (High Technology High School, New Jersey)

  25. Bangor: 57,450 points

    (Bangor High School, Maine)

  26. Sunday Simpleton: 56,700 points

    (Pathways Academy of Technology and Design, Connecticut)

  27. SMCSerdoodles: 56,550 points

    (Poolesville High, Maryland)

  28. The 4 Stooges: 56,550 points

    (Castroville, Texas)

  29. Cyber Hawks: 56,450 points

    (Rockwall-Heath High School, Texas)

  30. Clements Girls in Technology: 55,900 points

    (William P. Clements High School, Texas)

  31. AnnaMia: 55,700 points

    (Padua Academy, Delaware)

  32. The InvAsian: 55,500 points

    (William G. Enloe High School, North Carolina)

  33. Cyberian Huskies: 55,300 points

    (Freehold Borough High School, New Jersey)

  34. Na Alii CyberGirls: 54,350 points

    (Aiea High School, Hawaii)

  35. X²: 53,900 points

    (Green Valley High School, Nevada)

  36. The Real Dream Team: 51,900 points

    (Miss Porter’s School, Connecticut)

  37. NCSSM Team2: 51,200 points

    (North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, North Carolina)

  38. Paradoxies: 51,100 points

    (West High School, Iowa)

  39. Bluestocking ~/school: 50,900 points

    (SNAP Homeschool Co-op, North Carolina)

  40. Valkyries : 50,400 points

    (Kalani High School, Hawaii)

  41. Code COTTAGE: 50,100 points

    (President Theodore Roosevelt High School, Hawaii)

  42. Manandhar Warriors: 48,150 points

    (Sherwood High, Maryland)

  43. Borgers: 47,900 points

    (Green Valley High School, Nevada)

  44. HOCO STEM Club: 47,600 points

    (Homeschool, Hawaii)

  45. Burlington High School: 47,400 points

    (Burlington High School, Vermont)

  46. Byte Me Inc.: 46,750 points

    (West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North, New Jersey)

  47. BisonGCS: 46,650 points

    (Buffalo High School, Wyoming)

  48. Chic Squad: 46,600 points

    (Padua Academy, Delaware)

  49. CyberStop: 46,150 points

    (Grandview High School, Colorado)

  50. Thornton Academy: 46,050 points

    (Thornton Academy, Maine)

  51. Pelicans: 45,750 points

    (Loomis Chaffee School, Connecticut)

  52. Park Tudor Team 2: 45,250 points

    (Park Tudor School, Indiana)

  53. MAJE: 44,600 points

    (Charter School of Wilmington, Delaware)

  54. ctrl alt defeat: 44,400 points

    (Portland High School, Maine)

  55. Undercover HTfeML: 44,000 points

    (MOT Charter High School, Delaware)

  56. Something Cool and Threatening: 43,900 points

    (Charter School of Wilmington, Delaware)

  57. makbookpro: 43,550 points

    (Homeschool, North Carolina)

  58. The Amazonians: 43,500 points

    (Lake Travis High School, Texas)

  59. THUNDER: 43,100 points

    (Cimarron-Memorial High School, Nevada)

  60. William is smarter than Grace: 42,700 points

    (Montgomery Blair High, Maryland)

  61. CyberBeans: 41,600 points

    (Sacred Hearts Academy, Hawaii)

  62. BabyGotHack: 41,500 points

    (Freehold Borough High School, New Jersey)

  63. Yikes the CyberGhosts: 40,500 points

    (Sacred Hearts Academy, Hawaii)

  64. Lady Dragons: 40,450 points

    (Basis Shavano, Texas)

  65. cyberCougars: 40,100 points

    (Mount Mansfield Union High School, Vermont)

  66. DIY: 40,100 points

    (Montgomery Blair High, Maryland)

  67. Alison: 39,500 points

    (Falmouth High School, Maine)

  68. Midvale Team for the Gifted: 39,200 points

    (Homeschool, Indiana)

  69. Zassi: 39,200 points

    (Montgomery Blair High, Maryland)

  70. CEMM: 38,950 points

    (Greenwich High School, Connecticut)

  71. Imanty: 38,700 points

    (Fayetteville High School, West Virginia)

  72. 404 Brain Not Found : 38,700 points

    (Montgomery Blair High, Maryland)

  73. Cyber Daisies: 38,500 points

    (Miss Porter’s School, Connecticut)

  74. The Coughing Hackers: 38,300 points

    (William Henry Harrison High School (West Lafayette), Indiana)

  75. Classified: 38,200 points

    (Valley High School, Iowa)

  76. CyberHOUNDS: 38,050 points

    (Carmel High School, Indiana)

  77. SistaSquad: 38,000 points

    (Montgomery Blair High, Maryland)

  78. Kelsey and Laura: 38,000 points

    (Zionsville Community High School, Indiana)

  79. GirlsJustWannaCode: 37,900 points

    (Pascack Valley High School, New Jersey)

  80. Pirate Security: 37,800 points

    (Riverside High School, North Carolina)

  81. JFK-White: 37,750 points

    (John F. Kennedy High School, Iowa)

  82. Ranks2: 37,700 points

    (South Brunswick High School, New Jersey)

  83. DROP TABLE team_names;: 37,400 points

    (Maine Connections Academy, Maine)

  84. Cypher: 37,400 points

    (High Technology High School, New Jersey)

  85. Perfect Little Miss: 37,000 points

    (Homeschool, Hawaii)

  86. Byte me : 36,600 points

    (Montgomery Blair High, Maryland)

  87. 36,600 points

    (Highlands Ranch High School, Colorado)

  88. 0V3RR1D3: 36,100 points

    (New Caney Porter High School, Texas)

  89. N16H70WL5: 36,100 points

    (New Caney Porter High School, Texas)

  90. Cyber Wolves 4: 35,950 points

    (Centennial, Colorado)

  91. IKE: 35,900 points

    (Montgomery Blair High, Maryland)

  92. Coding! at the Disco: 35,700 points

    (Robert E. Lee High School, Texas)

  93. KONS-XX: 35,150 points

    (High Technology High School, New Jersey)

  94. KBDT EHS: 35,100 points

    (Eustace High School, Texas)

  95. Hack Slinging Slashers: 34,700 points

    (Jackson Memorial High School, New Jersey)

  96. InfernoVeil: 34,400 points

    (Bergen County Academies, New Jersey)

  97. JaMoDees: 34,150 points

    (Damonte Ranch High School, Nevada)

  98. the padua freshies: 33,950 points

    (Padua Academy, Delaware)

  99. Lady Hawks: 33,900 points

    (Scott High School, West Virginia)

  100. Girl Power (Parkville High & Center for Math/Science): 33,850 points

    (Parkville High & Center for Math/Science, Maryland)

How do I participate in Girls Go CyberStart?

  1. Create a team of 1 to 4 girls - All members of the team must attend the same school. Each member may play for just one team.

  2. Get a staff member from your school to be your advisor - Be careful to use correct registration details as your information will be required for competition and prize eligibility.

  3. Register your team account and reply to all confirmation emails during the registration period - HURRY to confirm because this round of Girls Go CyberStart is limited to the first 10,000 girls with completed team registrations.

  4. Play! - Once the competition period opens, your team will need to solve as many of the CyberStart challenges as possible.

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