Cyber Security in Delaware


Videos are a great way to communicate. The videos page has short vidcasts to give a brief introduction to important security-related topics. Those topics can be found throughout other areas of the website. Take a look at the videos on this page to identify which topics you may want to explore in greater detail.

Audio podcasts are another way to learn about cyber security topics. Podcasts permit the listener to learn while doing other things and videos communicate the information in a more active form than just text. Take a look at the various topics and choose your favorite way to learn.

Cyber Attacks and Small Businesses

CIO James Collins talks about small businesses and cyber security at the request of the University of Delaware's Small Business Development Center. Listen as CIO Collins shares facts about the reality of cyber threats to small businesses and also ways owners can be better prepared to avoid these risks.

Annual Delaware DigiGIRLZ Day

The State of Delaware and its partners collaborate with Microsoft to provide a daylong event for young women to explore STEM opportunities. The annual DigiGirlz Day is a highly anticipated event that provides hands-on activities for 8th and 9th grade girls from academic institutions including public, private, and home schools throughout the State.

How To Use Better Passwords

Ed Skoudis reveals three essential tips for guarding your online accounts.
Published on March 24, 2015.

Hacked Email: What to Do?

Are your friends and family getting emails from you that you didn't send? Or maybe you want to check your email, but you can't log in? Chances are your email's been hacked. Here’s what to do.
Published on March 23, 2015.

Audio Podcasts

  • GovInfo Security Interviews
    The latest articles and interviews from leaders in the field of Government security
  • InfoSec Podcasts
    Long and short podcasts including a daily 5-10 minute "Stormcast," highlighting current  and emerging cyber threats.
  • Radio Arlington
    Practical security podcasts covering topics such as election and voter fraud, security for older americans, and ransomware.
  • Social Media Security
    "Exposing the Insecurities of Social Media..." Podcasts that target social media users.
  • The Perfect Scam
    AARP's weekly podcast The Perfect Scam profiles America's biggest scam stories. Hosted by Will Johnson, former Discovery Channel podcast host/producer, and leading fraud expert and AARP Fraud Watch Network Ambassador Frank Abagnale, the series introduces listeners to compelling personal stories from scam victims and their families. Interviews with professional con artists and leading experts in the topic allow Will and Frank to pull back the curtain on how scammers operate and share tips with listeners on how best to protect themselves.