Cyber Security in Delaware


It is crucial for every internet user to be well-versed on cyber safety. If already familiar, it never hurts to take a refresher course to be reminded. We have provided links to some training programs that will serve to expand, or refresh, your knowledge concerning safe and responsible internet use. Cyber Security is our shared responsibility.

CERT Podcast Series

Cert Podcast SeriesPracticing strong information and cybersecurity is a nonnegotiable requirement for organizations doing business today. However, building security into an existing corporate culture is a complex undertaking. This series of podcasts provides both general principles and specific starting points for business leaders who want to launch an enterprise-wide security effort or make sure their existing security program is as good as it can be.

Cyber Security Online Courses

FEMA/TEEX imageThe web-based courses are offered through three discipline-specific tracks: general, non-technical computer users; technical IT professionals; and business managers and professionals.

Hack yourself first (before the bad guys do)

Free, nine-part online course, presented by Computerworld and training company Pluralsight, about how to go on the cyber-offensive by using some of the same techniques and tools the bad guys do.

Novalabs Cybersecurity Lab

Take cybersecurity into your own hands. In this Lab, you’ll defend a company that is the target of increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks. Your task is to strengthen your cyber defenses and thwart the attackers by completing a series of cybersecurity challenges. You’ll crack passwords, craft code, and defeat malicious hackers.

SANS CyberTalent Immersion Academy

SANS Immersion AcademyThe Fast Track to Top Skills and Top Jobs in Cyber. The SANS CyberTalent Immersion Academy is an intensive, accelerated training program that provides SANS world class training and GIAC certifications to quickly and effectively launch careers in cybersecurity.


SANS Webcasts

SANS imageSANS information security webcasts are given by security experts in the field on a number of different topics a few times each month. Listen to them live, or browse the archives to replay a webcast that meets your security needs.


Online Quizzes