Cyber Security in Delaware


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Basic Resources


Groups Organized Against Cyber Crime

Technical Information

  • IT Security Technical Publications
    CIS Critical Security Controls The Center for Internet Security (CIS) presents the CIS Controls for Effective Cyber Defense Version 6.0, a recommended set of actions that provide specific and actionable ways to stop today's most pervasive and dangerous cyber attacks.

What To Do If You're A Victim

Available Tools / Virus Protection

Delaware Cyber Security Laws

  • Title 6- Chapter 12b - COMPUTER SECURITY BREACHES
    Summary of House Bill 180: Delaware Data Breach Law
  • Title 11-Chapter 5- SPECIFIC OFFENSES
    932 - Unauthorized Access
    933 - Theft of Computer Services
    934 - Interruption of Computer Services
    935 - Misuse of Computer System Information
    936 - Destruction of Computer Equipment
    937 - Unrequested or Unauthorized Electronic Mail or Use of Network or Software to Cause Same
    938 - Failure to Promptly Cease Electronic Communication Upon Request
    939 - Penalties
    940 - Venue
    941 - Remedies of Aggrieved Persons


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GetNetWise: You're One Click Away
DHS Cybersecurity Links
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Pew Research Center

5 Reasons Why Cyberattacks Pose a Real Threat to Government

5 Reasons Why Cyberattacks Pose a Real Threat to Government

Internet of Me

Internet of Me

Security and the Internet of Things

Security and the Internet of Things