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Parents need to be vigilant about protecting their children in both the physical and digital worlds. The internet can be a dangerous place if precautions are not taken. Get to know who your child is interacting with on the internet.

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4 Ways to Help Teens Avoid Digital Harassment

Digital harassment happens when teens use texts, instant messages, emails, and social media posts to keep tabs on or threaten someone else. It usually involves two people in a close relationship. Here are four ways to help teens avoid digital harassment.

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We Have Answers. Kids of all ages are swiping and scrolling, totally transfixed by screens of all sizes. Welcome to the new frontier of parenting. If you have questions on how to take control of the technology in your kids' lives, you came to the right place.

Smart Talk

The Smart Talk gets parents and kids together for a conversation about being responsible with new technology. Put your internet rules in writing!

Social Media, Social Life: Teens Reveal Their Experiences (2018)

Social Media, Social Life: Teens Reveal Their Experiences sheds light on teens' changing social media habits and why some kids are more deeply affected by -- and connected to -- their digital worlds. The report is a nationally representative survey of more than 1,000 kids age 13 to 17. And because it tracks changes from 2012 to today, we can see how teens' social media use continues to evolve.

Cyber Bullied?

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