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The Delaware Department of Technology and Information (DTI) is responsible for cyber security for all three branches of government and the entire K-12 public and charter school network. This is, at times, a mixed blessing. We are fortunate to provide direct education and assistance to nearly all governmental and educational organizations, but at the same time, we are charged with ensuring that two very large complicated networks stay secure.

As the FBI has stated, “Virtually every national security and criminal threat the FBI faces is cyber-based or technologically facilitated.” Recognizing this, by Executive Order of the Governor, all Executive branch employees are required to complete a Cyber Security Computer Based Training (CBT) class. The CBT training is an interactive, non-technical set of courses and takes the employee less than one hour to complete. 99% of all eligible employees successfully complete the training.

Recognizing that today's students are tomorrow’s employees, DTI has stepped beyond our traditional role of simply supporting state agency and organizations. For over eleven years we have taken a fun, interactive and educational cyber safety presentation out to over 55,000 4th grade students throughout Delaware. We have partnered with Verizon Foundation, JP Morgan Chase, and the United States Air Force to recruit adult volunteer presenters.

DTI has with each year branched out further across Delaware to provide support to all citizens. We provide cyber safety presentations to local governments, small businesses and special populations such as senior citizen organizations. We coordinate events across the state to promote STEM education opportunities for all. Check out our site further to learn more about the Delaware DigiGirlz Day, the CyberStart Education Initiative, and the Secure Delaware Conference.


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