Cyber Security in Delaware


Every citizen is impacted by the cyber world. Bad actors are always crafting their skillset to entice others to fall prey and become a victim of their tactics. This section of the virtual event will provide you with not only information on current ways this happens, but also useful information on how to protect yourself and others around you.

Common Attacks

People like to think they know all the tactics that bad actors use to trick them, BUT some attacks may not be as common as you think. Review the videos below to learn about attacks you may never have even imagined!

Don’t get hacked…know the truth about cyber attacks

Common Types of Cyber Attacks

General Cyber Security Tips

We can all use tips and tricks to improve cyber security in our personal, educational, and professional lives. Implementing steps learned in the following videos can help prevent each of us from being the victim of a data breach or other type of cyber attack.


FCC - Call Spoofing


Teen Voices: Oversharing and your Digital footprint


Online Safety Tips for Senior Citizens

Protecting Personally Identifiable Informational (PII)

Common Computer and Internet Fraud Schemes

How to Secure Personally Identifiable Information or PII

Mobile Protection

Computing devices are getting smaller and smaller but with larger capabilities! Not only are computers needing protection, but also those small devices that fit in the palm of our hands. Learn ways on how to secure your devices and set privacy settings for even better protection in the information provided below.

How To Secure Your Smartphone

7 iPhone Privacy Settings To Turn Off Now

9 Android Settings You Need To Turn Off Now

Social Media

Naturally we are social creatures. We like to see what friends and family are up to as well as share favorite events and pictures with others. But did you know there are ways malicious individuals can use the information you share on social media to steal data or even impersonate you?! Let’s look at those ways to stay safe and still stay social with social media safety tips.

Tips for Staying Safe on Social Media

Social Media Safety Tips

Online Shopping Safety

The number of online shoppers increase every day! It’s not on the convenience that online shoppers enjoy, but also to stay physically safe and healthy while shopping. While we enjoy these benefits of online shopping, there’s also inherent dangers just by being connected to the Internet. General ways of ensuring a cyber safe and enjoyable shopping experience can be found below.

Stay Safe When Shopping Online

5 Holiday Cybersecurity Safety Tips