Cyber Security in Delaware

2020 Cyber Security Awareness Month Virtual Event

Hear special messages from Delaware's Chief Information Officer and Chief Security Officer.

Jason Clarke
Chief Information Officer

Solomon Adote
Chief Security Officer

image of Hygiene Essebntials 5 topics. Click to learn more


Every citizen is impacted by the cyber world. Bad actors are always crafting their skillset to entice others to fall prey and become a victim of their tactics.

This section of the virtual event will provide you with not only information on current ways this happens, but also useful information on how to protect yourself and others around you.


Delaware supports businesses, both large AND small!

The Delaware Cyber Security Advisory Council (DCSAC) developed a basic cyber hygiene essentials that all businesses, as well as citizens, should consider utilizing to protect their data.

These can make a big difference between being secure - or being a beacon to attract hackers.


Citizens rely on government entities for many different reasons.

Did you realize that government can also assist citizens if there is a personal data breach?

It’s important for citizens to understand the safeguards government puts in place to protect citizens’ data and also provide guidance if citizens’ data is breached.

Industry Partners

Have you considered the industry resources that have data you have provided?

Have you considered what those industries are doing to keep your data secure?

Choose the industry titles below to find out more on how they handle entrusted data.