99% Of Eligible Delaware State Employees Complete Cyber Security Training!


by Elayne Starkey

Congratulations to Delaware’s state employees from each government branch for their extraordinary response to online cyber security training. A remarkable 99% of all eligible employees successfully completed this year’s training. Their efforts to stay safe online for a second year in a row make Delaware one of the few state governments in the nation to have so many cyber savvy employees.

All new employees in the Executive Branch are required to complete an online cyber security class in their first 30 days of employment. And all 18,000 existing employees must take refresher training every year. One unique aspect of our training program is regular “phishing” exercises, where a carefully crafted email is distributed and encourages employees to either open an attachment file or click on a link. If they do click, they are immediately presented with an education screen reminding them of the dangers of clicking on links in unsolicited emails. And the results are impressive…the more we phish, the more the click rates trend downward.

So again, a great big shout out to Delaware’s state government employees, they’re the best!