DigiKnow that Delaware's DigiGirlz are Phenomenal?



It's been almost a week now but I'm still feeling the energy from this year's DigiGirlz event on May 6th. Nearly one hundred fifty 8th and 9th grade girls attended the day-long session of discovery, exploring one of four technology tracks.  We had two inspiring keynote speakers, Delaware's first lady, Carla Markell, and Transportation Secretary Jennifer Cohan.  Both shared their experiences in education, career choices and personal growth.  Secretary Cohan's personal story of growing up in a difficult family situation and persevering despite of it, resonated with many girls in the audience.

My goal was to encourage the girls to take advantage of this important time in their education to try as many options as possible and to look for their passion, wherever it might be.  Not every girl in attendance wants a STEM career right now, but I listened with joy as I heard them make the connection between technology and careers in medicine, education, and the military, just to name a few. I think you'll agree when you look at the photos, that these girls are ready to not just find their passions, but create new ones.